Enterprise Access Control Modules

Control and Oversight - 

The Foundation of Security

The BitLox® Access Control Module for enterprise level deployment is the State-of-the-Art for maintaining the highest security protocols for crypto applications, while leading the industry in flexibility and ease of use.

We understand the need of multi-billion dollar exchanges and funds to have seamless flow of customer funds and exacting control over the authorization of disbursement. 

Normally these principles would be at loggerheads, but with the BitLox® line of Enterprise Access Control Modules you don’t have to compromise. Cryptocurrency exchanges, investment funds, bond holders, escrow services - these are among the many forward-looking companies that should take advantage of this latest advance in security technology.


Some of the many unique features include:

  • Firmware settable limits and thresholds for transactions and balances 
  • Support of all major cryptocurrencies
  • Tamper-proof and attack-resistant physical enclosure of military-grade alloy
  • Minimized attack surface via abstraction of necessary services
  • Configurable multisignature-style access criteria for any changes of firmware
  • Certified cryptographic and entropy engines