Why BitLox?

The security situation with mobile phones and desktop computers has gotten out of hand. That's why we decided to create the BitLox. Digital currency such as Bitcoin is only as secure as the system that holds the private keys you use to authorize transactions. 

The private keys generated by the BitLox hardware wallet NEVER leave the device when in use - period. When you switch your BitLox off, the funds contained therein are absolutely safe and secure. When you use your BitLox to access your funds, all authorization is done on the device itself - entering your PIN, checking transactions to make sure you are sending what you want to send, and what fees you are paying. 

The device has a PIN code to prevent unauthorized access, each wallet may have a PIN code, each TRANSACTION may be set up to be verified by a PIN code. And by the way, these PIN codes may be up to 20 digits - numbers AND letters, lowercase and uppercase. If someone tries to guess a PIN, after but a few attempts a mandatory security delay kicks in. 

Recognition codes may be set - so you know it's YOUR BitLox when you turn it on.

Only the BitLox gives you multiple layers of protection in this way.