How-to use TailsOS with the BitLox

Using Tails OS with your BitLox is a bit complicated, but with this guide you should be up and running in no time.


We recommend you print out this guide for reference.


First, you want to get your secure USB vault ready. Tap the “O” key, and the red/green LEDs should flash. Now enter the password you set for your secure USB vault.


Attach the drive to the computer you want to run, then boot the computer. 

You will have to set the boot drive to the vault, on PCs this may be pressing “F2” or “F12” or “DEL” and choosing the boot volume. On Macs you must hold down “option” (or “alt”) between “ctrl” and “cmd” while booting. This will bring up the boot drive chooser.

In either case, choose the Tails drive. It may be labeled “windows”.


Once you choose this and start to boot, you will see the Tails boot screen. You will choose “more options”

On the “more options” page, enter a root password. This is only temporary for this session. Remember this password.


Let the system come up and connect via TOR.


Go to 



Save this file


Open terminal (Applications > Favorites > Terminal)



cd "Tor Browser"

chmod +x

sudo su


Enter the root password where required


When done, open the iceweasel browser (Applications > Internet > Iceweasel Web Browser)


Go to http://bitlox2twvzwbzpk.onion/support

Click the link that says "Plugin for Firefox - Mac/Linux"

Click "Allow" to start downloading the plugin 

Confirm installation & restart the browser



Ready your BitLox by turning it on and inputting your device PIN. Choose USB

Plug in BitLox


Go to http://bitlox2twvzwbzpk.onion/support (it should still be there) and click on "Open Now"



(you may need to refresh the page, depending on your network speed)