Privacy Concerns for the Modern Age

BitLox - The Ultimate Digital Security and Anonymity Bundle for Your Money


Theft, fraud, and hardware tampering are enhanced in the digital age. Your life savings, your rainy day fund, and even your PayPal account you only use for drunken Amazon purchases are at risk. How disappointed the inebriated version of yourself would be at the inability to purchase a custom pillow with Bruce Lee's face on it – and even worse, if you need to make an emergency purchase and your accounts are wiped clean. 


There are some legitimate concerns about anonymity to be considered as well. Whether you're concerned with government data collection, avoiding data sharing between merchants, or simply ruining a good surprise, staying anonymous while making a purchase is of extreme importance. Not only are anonymous purchases good for protecting your data – but the less you expose your identity online the less chance you have to compromise your personal data – financial or otherwise. 


“More information is collected than ever before when you swipe your card for something as simple as a pack of gum or toothpaste.” -Forbes


Bitlox is a new hardware Bitcoin wallet that takes software security into consideration while also providing features never-before-seen features in hardware wallets for physical security. Imagine a scenario – you are traveling and you leave your Hardware Bitcoin wallet in your hotel room along with your laptop. You won't need them while touring the Louvre, now will you? You get back, turn on your computer and login to your administrator account with your password and make an online purchase, taking care to properly enter all of your credit card information. When you check your bill next month, you see a veritable cornucopia of unconfirmed charges. What happened?


Well, while you were out biking around Paris, someone slipped into your room and performed an Evil Maid Attack. These kinds of attacks replace or install components on your computer – such as keyloggers. All of your keystrokes were logged and reported to the attacker, who then used the information in order to make purchases online. And it could have been worse. 


“If someone gets physical access to your computer and you aren’t using disk encryption, they can very easily steal all of your files.” -TheIntercept


Now imagine the same scenario with the Bitlox Extreme Privacy Set. When your hardware can easily be compromised, instead of using a credit card, you send Bitcoin using your Bitlox Wallet connected to Tails OS. (Read more on Tails here). Even if attackers were to gain access to your computer, there would be no trace of anything you did while using Tails – and even if they got a keylogger installed that connected to your Bitlox account, they could not steal any money without the hardware itself. 


Even if attackers stole your Bitlox and replaced it with an identical model with malicious hardware, the Anti Evil Maid features would immediately notify you.


Bitlox is the first hardware wallet that not only has user verification to the hardware, but also hardware verification to the user. This is the only way you can be sure this is YOUR Bitlox. 


This, among a plethora of other security features such as hidden wallets, fake wallets, immediate erasing PINs, and much much more, makes the Bitlox Extreme Privacy package the ultimate in security and anonymity for users concerned with keeping their identities, and their funds, safe from all kinds of attacks.