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New BitLox Firmware v55


We've got a new firmware up for your BitLox!

Get the firmware utilities at:

What's new: revised code to catch High-S signatures, changed prompts for some options, and mnemonic passphrase password protection.

The last is a feature of BIP32 that we have refrained from using until now, as few online tools have this option when reconstituting an HD wallet. However, it's a great option to add to our security layering. 

What it means is that when building a new wallet, you are given the option to add a password to your mnemonic phrase. You use the passphrase the same way as before, just you must know the password IN ADDITION to the mnemonics to be able to correctly reconstitute your wallet. If the mnemonic is entered without the passphrase (or a different one) a completely different seed is generated. 

One interesting use could be building a wallet with the password, parking funds there, then ALSO reconstituting the wallet WITHOUT the password... you get a completely different wallet, where you might park decoy funds. That way if somehow someone got ahold of your mnemonic, they STILL would not have access to your true funds, being they wouldn't know the secret password (or even that this password exists)

Cool stuff.

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