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Satoshi Shenanigans


Well well. 

So Craig Wright is confessing to being Satoshi Nakamoto.

Color me skeptical.

Look, I've had a lot of contact with con-men type people over the years. Lots of talk and mumbo-jumbo, they are the consummate professionals in making you believe what you already want to believe. Well duh, they are a conman. What do you expect?

In Craig Wright's long and badly written blog post, I find nothing that proves anything. And it is a typical trick of pushing the fault of not believing onto the "mark" as his last line states - 

I could have simply signed a message in electrum as I did in private sessions. Loading such a message would have been far simpler. I am known for a long history of “being difficult” and disliking being told what “I need to do”. The consequence of all of this is that I will not make it simple.

I call bullshit.

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